2 reasons why you should have a scanner connected to ServiceM8

The R & D team recently tested the new Brother DS-600 DS Mobile Scanner and have certified it for use with ServiceM8.  If you don’t have one in your office, you should consider getting one.  The scanner is invaluable for attaching documents that are faxed, mailed or hand delivered.  Some customers even scan handwritten documents staff have completed on the job, capturing the scribbles and notes that are invaluable a year down the track when trying to reconstruct why something was done.

These scanners are relatively cheap, on special for under $100 from Amazon and are from a reliable company (Brother).

Saving a copy of a physical document to a job in ServiceM8 gets the paper out of your life while storing it safely if it’s required in the future. Before I the scanner I had a  ‘don’t know if I’m going to need this’ tray, which I cleared once or twice a year. With the scanner connected to ServiceM8 it is as simple and setting the paper in the scanner and selecting the job number it relates to.  ServiceM8 does the rest.

I know I promised two reasons in the heading so;

1) Cheap(ish)

2) Effective

Happy scanning

Go to:  http://www.amazon.com/Brother-DS-600-DSMobile-Scanner-Packaging/dp/B003CYKBAU

Brother DS-600 DSMobile Scanner


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