Compliance forms? We’re the App for that.


It seems there is an App that streamlines everything these days, so why should your electrical, snow plowing, IT, or pool cleaning business be any different? At ServiceM8 one of our goals is to make running your business simpler and more effective. We’ve given you templates for professional work documents; we’ve provided an easy sync between MYOB and Xero accounting programs to reduce admin time; and probably most importantly, we’ve made your business paperless. That’s right. By using ServiceM8 your business requires no paper, which not only pleases your employees in admin, but the environmentalists too. No more extra paperwork to sift through and re-enter into various places on your business system. No more lost quotes or jobs. And no paper gives you the opportunity to, quite literally, make your business mobile as you manage and operate your staff and jobs all from your iPhone or iPad. We know what you’re thinking next, “but what about compliance and OHS regulation forms”? Well, we’re the App for that too.


After consulting a number electrical businesses, we have found that Electrical Certificates of Compliance and Electrical Safety Certificates are a major pain point. Not only are you required to supply your customer with a certificate within 30 days, but you must keep a record of the certificate for 5 years. With on the spot fines of up to $1000, your business cannot afford to neglect this requirement. With ServiceM8 Forms, the storage of the forms is automatic and with auto-population of most fields the forms can be completed in seconds. We have built a range of electrical safety certificate and compliance forms to help get up and running faster. To help release your paperwork pain points and add specific industry forms to your account please contact ServiceM8 support. Following strict guidelines and adding more paperwork to your already overloaded business mix slows your business down. And as small business owners ourselves, we know that time directly equates to money. Check out our video which explains how our forms feature can help save your business time by providing a forms feature which will help your business keep on top of compliance regulations:

As you can see, the forms add-on is not limited to any one industry. Take for example our locksmith’s entry request form, and even our general work health and safety incident and injury report forms. These forms are available to be added to your ServiceM8 account. To activate forms add-on, you simply go to Settings>Add-ons>Switch on Forms. And again, this is a paperless function. No trees; pens; handwriting deciphers needed. All forms are completed in less than 5 minutes on site and immediately stored in ServiceM8’s own cloud database, saved with entire history of that particular job. The main benefits of ServiceM8’s form’s feature include:

  • Stored electronically, meaning staff can’t lose the completed forms
  • Easily shared from the diary which can be emailed to clients or printed out
  • Completed in seconds using multiple choice questions & pre-entered info from job
  • Info captured on form can be displayed in any format required
  • Word formulas allow for really smart forms
    • Ex: A pool company can create a form that asks the size and depth of a pool and the form can actually calculate the appropriate amount of chlorine to add
    • Capture as many signatures as needed, even 20!

The biggest advantage of having a forms app built in is the ability to have info on the job automatically populated. With stand-alone apps, you actually have to enter your customer’s name, address, contact details, job details etc. every time. With ServiceM8, all of this info can be auto populated from the job. It saves you and your business precious minutes which can then be used to secure other jobs; and therefore as a result, increase business profits. The forms can be used in a number of different ways including monthly vehicle checks; pest inspection reports; Take 5’s; pre-start checklists; and many more. Check out the video on the forms page for more information. Think about the paper forms that are slowing your workers, and as a result slowing your business down. With ServiceM8 forms, you can eliminate the extra paperwork and turn your business into a fine-tuned machine with quick and efficient electronic, pre-populated forms. And of course, it’s all saved in the job history. Less paper + Less admin work= LESS STRESS & MORE PROFITS.

Below are a few examples of some of the forms that are already available through ServiceM8 for Electrical and Telecommunications industries, as well as generic forms that are suitable for most industries. The variety of forms you can create with ServiceM8 is almost unlimited, meaning you will have the ability to create any kind form your business may need.

 RiskAssessment  ECOC NZ  ECOC SA
 JSA  Telecommunications-Advice-Form  Contract Variation
 Injury-Report  Take-5  Authority To Proceed




So you want less compliance headaches? We’re the App for that. You want less paperwork? We’re the App for that. You’re hungry? Well you better grab a Snickers because actually we’re not the App for that.






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  • ezra July 29, 2014, 12:02 pm Reply

    hi there, i have spoken to be re forms.
    i have an account with you guys and it has been a learning curve, but a good one. its been really good. i dont have my head around all the functions, but I’m earning a little more each day.
    i’m looking at adding some forms to service mate.
    specifically we want to be able to:
    1. have an authority to proceed which includes the cost of the works to be done. this is for where we have clients that want us to do work and will not pay credit card, so the job has to be invoiced (here is a true story: a girl in my wifes social circle called a plumber to fix something. he came and did the work but she wont pay as it is a body corporate issue. the body corporate wont pay as they havent issued a work order to him. Had he insisted on getting an authority to proceed, he would be able to send the matter straight to debt collectors)
    2. we’re looking at initiating a home safety inspection as part of the work that we do. i have a list of things that i want to cover, but if you have one already i can ammend that.
    3. a checklist for employees to complete at the end of every job (ie have you cleaned up mess, asked the client for feedback, given them a company magnet, etc.
    4. tca1 form – acma
    5. injury form in case an employee get hurt on a job.

    also as an electrician in vicotria, i have to display my licence no at the top of every letterhead, how would i put that into my latterhead tremplates for invoices and quotes. it wont let me change that part: the no would be displayed as: REC: 19615

    I am also starting to build forms or method statements for every task that we do. so if you have anything that you think will interest me I’m happy to have a look.

    • Support Team August 19, 2014, 1:53 pm

      Hi Ezra,

      All the forms you have listed sound like they should be possible to build in ServiceM8. Your options are to either learn how build them yourself or to get in contact partner to have them built for you.

      Here is a list of certified partners –

      If you have any issues send an email through to and the support team will be able to help you out.



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