ServiceM8 Phone

ServiceM8 Phone extends the power of ServiceM8 with a smart cloud phone system, enabling you to provide great customer experiences, streamline phone call workflows, and drive productive outcomes from phone enquiries. 


Caller ID

All team members get Caller ID on incoming phone calls, with the app & online, where the client’s number is saved in ServiceM8.

Job History

The client’s most-recently updated job, as well as their job history, is instantly accessible on screen, while you’re on the call.

Click to Call

Office staff can click to answer calls in the Online Dashboard, see the client’s job history on screen, and call clients straight from a job card, transforming how they serve customers, and enabling staff to work remotely from home.

Recording & Transcription

Phone calls can be automatically recorded and transcribed to text, improving the level of job history on hand.

A Single Contact Number

Set all outgoing calls to display the same number, so client’s can keep a single, consistent contact number for your business.

Smart Call Actions

Efficiently action calls from current clients, or new enquiries, while you’re on the call or immediately after. Create a new job, text the client your online booking form, or save a note against the job.

And more


Check out the ServiceM8 Phone Pricing and Critical Information Summaries.

Getting Started

ServiceM8 Phone is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States & Canada.

For step-by-step guidance on setting up ServiceM8 Phone, see the Getting Started Guide.

For all ServiceM8 Phone help resources & FAQ’s, see the Help Centre.

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  • JOHN BAUMANN January 18, 2021, 8:57 am Reply

    SM8, You have thought of every detail — very impressed! I started with SM8 early on because my accounting firm is focused on the Service Industry! Scheduling Field technicians is key…to can make or break the company. SM8 has a seamless sync with XERO.
    Thank You for creating coherence in the Service Industry!
    John Baumann

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