Spotlight: Energy Culture

We put the spotlight on sustainable solar & electrical business, Energy Culture. Joe Edginton shares some points on how ServiceM8 has helped Energy Culture evolve into a modern, productive business.

What does Energy Culture do?

Energy Culture is a sustainable solar & electrical contracting business based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Offering a range of solar, battery storage and electrical services for domestic and commercial clients, we’re committed to leaving the legacy of a better planet for future generations.

Tell us about Energy Culture before & after ServiceM8

We’ve always taken pride in our workmanship, so with our old paper-based systems it was challenging to get more work without compromising on quality — not to mention the difficulty in keeping track of job details like how many power points need to go into a client’s home, and efficiently storing plans and other job documents across all the jobs coming through the business.

Automating business processes allows companies to get more work done, improve their customer service, and consequently increase the bottom line. After adopting ServiceM8 at Energy Culture, we’ve improved the quality of our work, become more punctual, and it’s enabled us to provide a great experience to our clients. Automating the paperwork lets us focus on being electricians!

How important is customer communication & relationships?

In this age of consumer cynicism, it’s hard to get repeatable sales and truly build a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers.

ServiceM8 has enabled us to better serve our customers by:

  • sending automated emails to remind them when it’s time to check their solar and electrical system;
  • making it easy to generate and send professional quotes; and
  • letting clients know when their electrician is on the way with on-the-way texts; and
  • generally being able to manage the relationship with our customers better.

Why has going paperless been particularly important for Energy Culture?

The paper industry is the fifth biggest consumer of energy in the world. The overuse of paper has a tremendous impact on an organization’s carbon footprint – not just from the cutting down of trees to produce the paper, but also on the fossil fuel power and the chemicals involved for printing. 

Processing documents electronically is a great way to reduce the usage of paper, and consequently, diminish a company’s impact on the environment. This has helped Energy Culture keep our green responsibility and promise to preserve this planet for future generations to enjoy.

How’s the work/life balance going?

It’s not easy to run a small company, it’s a lot of work and sometimes not enough manpower.

Using ServiceM8 gives me back my family time, and I get to spend more time in the water. Thanks to features like automated booking reminders to clients, I don’t have to spend time each afternoon chasing up clients to see if they will be there when we arrive.

Energy Culture

Energy Culture is an environmentally responsible electrical contracting business founded by Joe. With a mission to leave the legacy of a better planet for future generations, Energy Culture provides licensed electrical and solar panel services for commercial and residential clients throughout the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

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