‘We Use ServiceM8’: two easy ways to show you care about great service

People judge books by their covers, particularly in a business context, so don’t underestimate the power of professional conduct and presentation – it’s part of your brand, and it might sometimes be the only thing separating you from your competitors. Professional written and verbal communication, branded vehicles, company uniforms with logos, a motto that reflects what you stand for, business email addresses, a good website (and great service!) all form part of a professional business image.

ServiceM8 is a powerful platform which empowers small businesses to thrive, but as users would know, there are also a lot of flow-on benefits to their customers as well, such as fast response times, courtesy SMS messages, and professional quotes and invoices. ServiceM8 enables businesses to provide a higher and more professional level of service, which customers notice and appreciate.

The ‘We Use ServiceM8’ webpage

The ‘We Use ServiceM8’ page is your own ServiceM8-themed webpage, and highlights some of the key differences in service that you can provide your customers by using the app. It’s branded with your company name and logo, and the ‘Our Difference’ message is customisable.




The page adds to the credibility and professionalism of your website, and helps show existing and potential customers that you believe in providing a professional, high quality service, and have invested in technology to help you deliver this.

So, if great customer service is a part of your business offering, why not add the ‘We Use ServiceM8’ page to your website and social media activity? It will help demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition.

Check out a sample ‘We Use ServiceM8’ page here.


To set up your ‘We Use ServiceM8’ webpage:

  1. Click here and activate the Referral Program add-on.
  2. Go to Settings > Preferences, and in the left hand pane, select ‘Referral Program’. Here you can customise the ‘Our Difference’ message and choose which of the customer benefits to display on your page.
  3. Go to Settings > Referral Program, to see the ‘We Use ServiceM8’ webpage toolkit.
  4. Choose the size and style of the ‘We Use ServiceM8’ badge you prefer, and copy the relevant HTML code into the pages of your website where you want the badge displayed.
    If you don’t manage the content of your website, you may need help from an IT specialist or whoever built your business’s website.
    When your customers click on the badge, they’ll be taken to your ‘We Use ServiceM8’ page.

Tip: we host your ‘We Use ServiceM8’ webpage, so if you don’t have a website or you’re unable to add the HTML code to your website straight away, you can still create and customise your page, which is handy to have for use in social media posts and emails.


‘We Use ServiceM8’ stickers

Visually demonstrating third party association or endorsement of your business is great for building on your image of trust and credibility. Incorporate customer reviews, ratings, testimonials, industry association memberships, partnerships, awards and certifications as part of your business marketing and presentation. People will be put at ease knowing that others have used or endorsed your goods and services, and your business hasn’t just sprung out of the ground overnight.

With this in mind, we’ve developed the ‘We Use ServiceM8’ stickers. These colourful stickers are a quick and easy addition to your business vehicles and shopfronts, which helps to show customers that you care about providing great service.




If you would like stickers sent out, please email prisca@servicem8.com with your postal address and how many stickers you need.

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  • Washerman February 27, 2015, 7:01 pm Reply

    I love to share the love about ServiceM8! A great program that just keeps getting better… Although at times it’s a little bit creepy, it’s like they’re inside my head 🙂

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