What we’ve learnt about winning jobs

The following are simple tips that, when applied, should increase your quote winning ratio.

  • Make it look professional
    • Your quote is the first example of your quality of work. If you have a professional looking quote, you will win more work even if you’re more expensive.
  • Quote fast
    • Your chances of winning work are exponentially better the faster you respond.
    • Our statistics show that you increase your chances of winning work by up to 25% if you quote within the first 24 hours.
  • Follow up
    • 60% of quotes are never followed up.
    • Following up works, its a secret weapon of all good sales teams.
  • Track your win/lose ratio
    • Do you need more enquiries or do you need to convert more enquiries into jobs?
    • If you are winning all your jobs, chances are you are too cheap.
    • Is your marketing targeted correctly? Are you getting the right customers enquiring?
  • Customer testimonials
    • They will put you ahead of your competition!
    • Look at how movies, books, Infomercials etc. use testimonials successfully.
    • Testimonials inspire confidence in your product or service.
  • Explain the work you will do for the customer
    • Outline what they asked for, this gives the customer confidence that you understand what they requested.
    • Outline what the job outcome will be, this ensures there is no misunderstanding of what you are providing.
  • Make it easy to accept the quote
    • Give them easy options
      • an email to reply to with the quote number
      • easy to find phone number
    • Tell them what it is they need to do.
    • Follow up!
  • Quote optional extras
    • Customers can’t spend more if you don’t offer it.
    • It’s a great easy way to increase your total on each job.
    • It gives the customer more options – options that might put you ahead of your competition.
  • Show examples of your best work
    • This proves to your customer that you can deliver a high quality service or product.
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