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When it comes to managing the finances, a lot of small businesses are using dated accounting software, a system of spreadsheets, or relying heavily on their bookkeeper.

Cloud accounting has well and truly arrived, and if you haven’t already, you should be looking into how this simple and easy-to-use technology can help you and your business.

Integrating your ServiceM8 setup with one of our supported cloud accounting solutions, like QuickBooks Online, further streamlines the management of your business, covering jobs from the moment they’re created all the way through to tax time, and providing great visibility across your operations.

So, what is cloud accounting? And why is it so great for small business?

Cloud computing and cloud accounting

Cloud computing is about using the internet to access software and store data, rather than your computer’s hard drive. Examples of cloud computing in action include netbanking, Hotmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and of course, ServiceM8.

Cloud accounting is the same: using the internet to access, manage and store your business accounts. The data is stored in data centres around the world, and transferred over the internet in encrypted data format. The portals you might use to do this vary – some cloud accounting products require the installation of basic software, while others are accessed only through your web browser. Most products also have apps for phones and tablets.

Seven benefits of cloud accounting solutions

  1. Visibility.
    Get great visibility across your business’s financial position, with concise and real-time reports to keep you up to date and offering key insights for better decision-making and planning – information you can use use to improve your business.
  2. Business continuity.
    All of your finance information is automatically backed-up and stored with bank-grade security in the cloud – one less thing to worry about in the event of a fire, break-in, or natural disaster, and no more relying on USBs or manual backups to the office server.
  3. Flexibility.
    Working in the cloud means you and your staff have the freedom to view and manage the business accounts on the go, on a range of devices and wherever there is Internet access.
  4. Collaboration.
    With the capability of multi-user access, you can share information, improve efficiency, and reduce bottlenecks. Maybe you need to discuss some issues with your accountant? Just provide them with access and you’ll each be able to review the accounts in real time while chatting over the phone.
  5. Accuracy.
    Because you’re working in the cloud, everyone in the business is working with the same set of data, all the time. There’s also a lot less room for error due to the automation of a lot of manual data entry and reconciling tasks. They can hook into live feeds from your bank accounts, and generate reports and statements at a click of a button.
  6. Scalable and cost effective.
    Cloud accounting solutions offer a range of pricing plans and feature sets to best match your business’s needs. Working in the cloud also means you’ll save on admin and IT costs, and won’t have to pay to upgrade to the latest version of the software.
  7. Integration with ServiceM8 and other apps.
    There’s an expanding ecosystem of cloud-based software, and a lot of opportunity to combine your cloud accounting package with powerful apps like ServiceM8 which streamline and improve aspects of your business e.g. reporting, analytics, marketing, and customer relationship management.

So, if you haven’t jumped into the accounting cloud yet, why not check out our supported cloud accounting solutions?

There can be tradeoffs when moving to a cloud-based accounting solution. Make sure the product meets your business needs, and if needed, get assistance from a bookkeeper or accountant who specialises in cloud accounting setup services.

QuickBooks Online currently has a special offer for ServiceM8 users. See how easy it is to integrate QuickBooks Online with ServiceM8 here.


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People judge books by their covers, particularly in a business context, so don’t underestimate the power of professional conduct and presentation – it’s part of your brand, and it might sometimes be the only thing separating you from your competitors. Professional written and verbal communication, branded vehicles, company uniforms with logos, a motto that reflects what you stand for, business email addresses, a good website (and great service!) all form part of a professional business image.


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Boost cashflow with Mobile Payments

On October 2, 2014, in Addons, Invoicing, Mobile, by Support Team


Cashflow is the lifeblood of every small business.  Small business operators need to be paid as close to the completion of a job as possible.

Chasing unpaid invoices can end up costing more than a job is worth in labour. For many businesses, chasing payments is put off until cash is needed to pay bills or staff wages, as they are too snowed under with current work. Generally, the owner cries “How can we not have enough money?  We’re so busy!”


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Text too small or thin in ServiceM8 app?

On September 27, 2014, in Mobile, by Support Team

One of the new features of ServiceM8 3.0 is the support of Apple Dynamic Type. What this means is when you increase the size of text for your Apple device the text size in ServiceM8 will increase too. Great if you’re having difficulty reading small or thin font without your glasses.




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Update: ServiceM8 2.11 does not function with iOS 8.

On September 23, 2014, in Mobile, by Support Team

ServiceM8 2.11 does not work with iOS 8.

We have released a new version of ServiceM8 (Version 3.0) which is fully compatible with iOS 8 and is available on the App Store.




ServiceM8 3.0 – Quick Start Guide

On September 15, 2014, in Mobile, by Support Team

Only 4 nights until ServiceM8 3.0 is available. To make your first day with the new ServiceM8 run smoothly, check out this video which covers the key changes. For the latest information follow us on Facebook.


ServiceM8 3.0 – Coming 19 September 2014

On September 9, 2014, in Press Release, by Support Team

We can’t wait to introduce you to ServiceM8 3.0! With over 40 new features and improvements, ServiceM8 3.0 will revolutionise how small business works. From new ways to communicate with staff to a built in mobile payment system. For the latest information follow us on facebook.


Providing consistent quality service to your customers is essential if you want your business to grow and succeed. As your business grows it is impossible for you to personally check the quality of all work.

While collecting feedback won’t prevent one of your customers from having a bad experience due to an unhappy staff member, unsatisfactory work or miscommunication, it can highlight an issue before it has a chance to do long-term damage your business. (more…)

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20 June 2014

ServiceM8 has been named the 2014 Telstra Northern Territory Business of the Year at the Telstra NT Business Awards in Darwin on Friday night.

“Small business wants assistance in getting things done, preferably in the background, without fuss and right the first time. We started ServiceM8 to be that assistant,” CEO Kim Ford said.

“Our belief is that mobile and cloud technologies will have a profound effect on not just how efficient businesses are, but how they deal with customers. ServiceM8 is a cloud solution that is capable of completely changing how businesses operate.”

Other winners at the awards were Country Wellness Pharmacy for the Start-Up Award,  U B COOL PTY LTD for the Small Business Award, Killarney Homes for the Medium Business Award and Power Projects NT took home the Regional Business Award.

Will Irving, Telstra Business Group Managing Director and Ambassador for the Telstra Australian Business Awards, said: “”ServiceM8 has truly thought about how to help small business, particularly as the rubber hits the road. They’ve developed a cloud-based solution that is easy to use, affordable, and allows customers to have ongoing input into product and service improvements.”

We are incredibly honoured to receive this award, and would recommend that any small to medium business enter the Telstra Business Awards in future years. The application process itself is invaluable – it really makes you reflect and analyse all facets of your business. Our sincere thanks go to Telstra for running such a prestigious and long-standing awards program.

And of course, a massive thanks to our ServiceM8 partners and customers. Without your support, we wouldn’t have reached this point. We dedicate this award to you, and will continue to strive for better, more innovative ways to empower small business to thrive.

ServiceM8 2014 Telstra NT Business of the Year

ServiceM8 receiving the Telstra NT Business of the Year award.

ServiceM8 now progresses to the national Telstra Australian Business Awards, which will be announced in Melbourne on 7 August.

Read more on the Telstra Northern Territory Business Awards here:

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QuickBooks Online

Introducing Quickbooks Online

On June 10, 2014, in Addons, Invoicing, by Support Team

ServiceM8 is now integrated with Quickbooks Online, making it the third accounting package we support, along side MYOB and Xero.


With ServiceM8 integrated to QuickBooks Online

  • Your items and clients will sync between ServiceM8 and QuickBooks, giving you access to them in the field.
  • Send invoices to QuickBooks from ServiceM8 effortlessly
  • No CSV export/import process required, everything simply syncs between the two.

Quickbooks Online allows you to track your sales and expenses, manage BAS and GST, get paid faster, and even run payroll with it.

For help with connecting ServiceM8 with QuickBooks Online click here.

For more information on QuickBooks Online click here.