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ServiceM8 3.0 – Coming 19 September 2014

On September 9, 2014, in Press Release, by Support Team

We can’t wait to introduce you to ServiceM8 3.0! With over 40 new features and improvements, ServiceM8 3.0 will revolutionise how small business works. From new ways to communicate with staff to a built in mobile payment system. For the latest information follow us on facebook.


Providing consistent quality service to your customers is essential if you want your business to grow and succeed. As your business grows it is impossible for you to personally check the quality of all work.

While collecting feedback won’t prevent one of your customers from having a bad experience due to an unhappy staff member, unsatisfactory work or miscommunication, it can highlight an issue before it has a chance to do long-term damage your business. (more…)

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Tanda – Timesheets for ServiceM8

On June 27, 2014, in Addons, MYOB, Xero, by Support Team

Tanda is time and attendance!

Powerful timesheeting, rostering, and attendance tracking software. Say goodbye to messy paper timesheets and expensive proprietary systems, and let Tanda’s real time analytics give amazing insights into your business.

Sync clock-in times from ServiceM8 to Tanda, then export to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and many other payroll systems automatically.




Who is it for?

Tanda is a great solution for anyone who wants to automate time sheets.

How Tanda works with ServiceM8

It’s four simple steps.

1. Your staff clock in and out of jobs using the ServiceM8 app.
2. Tanda grabs the times that they worked and creates a timesheet in the cloud.
3. Every few days, you log into Tanda and approve these timesheets.
4. At the end of the pay cycle, export them to payroll with a click.
5. (Bonus step!) Choose your industry award from one of our templates and Tanda will even calculate how much you need to pay staff.

How much does it cost?

$1/employee/week , with a 30 day free trial.

How do I get started?

You can signup and try Tanda free here.

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20 June 2014

ServiceM8 has been named the 2014 Telstra Northern Territory Business of the Year at the Telstra NT Business Awards in Darwin on Friday night.

“Small business wants assistance in getting things done, preferably in the background, without fuss and right the first time. We started ServiceM8 to be that assistant,” CEO Kim Ford said.

“Our belief is that mobile and cloud technologies will have a profound effect on not just how efficient businesses are, but how they deal with customers. ServiceM8 is a cloud solution that is capable of completely changing how businesses operate.”

Other winners at the awards were Country Wellness Pharmacy for the Start-Up Award,  U B COOL PTY LTD for the Small Business Award, Killarney Homes for the Medium Business Award and Power Projects NT took home the Regional Business Award.

Will Irving, Telstra Business Group Managing Director and Ambassador for the Telstra Australian Business Awards, said: “”ServiceM8 has truly thought about how to help small business, particularly as the rubber hits the road. They’ve developed a cloud-based solution that is easy to use, affordable, and allows customers to have ongoing input into product and service improvements.”

We are incredibly honoured to receive this award, and would recommend that any small to medium business enter the Telstra Business Awards in future years. The application process itself is invaluable – it really makes you reflect and analyse all facets of your business. Our sincere thanks go to Telstra for running such a prestigious and long-standing awards program.

And of course, a massive thanks to our ServiceM8 partners and customers. Without your support, we wouldn’t have reached this point. We dedicate this award to you, and will continue to strive for better, more innovative ways to empower small business to thrive.

ServiceM8 2014 Telstra NT Business of the Year

ServiceM8 receiving the Telstra NT Business of the Year award.

ServiceM8 now progresses to the national Telstra Australian Business Awards, which will be announced in Melbourne on 7 August.

Read more on the Telstra Northern Territory Business Awards here:

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Introducing Quickbooks Online

On June 10, 2014, in Addons, Invoicing, by Support Team

ServiceM8 is now integrated with Quickbooks Online, making it the third accounting package we support, along side MYOB and Xero.


With ServiceM8 integrated to QuickBooks Online

  • Your items and clients will sync between ServiceM8 and QuickBooks, giving you access to them in the field.
  • Send invoices to QuickBooks from ServiceM8 effortlessly
  • No CSV export/import process required, everything simply syncs between the two.

Quickbooks Online allows you to track your sales and expenses, manage BAS and GST, get paid faster, and even run payroll with it.

For help with connecting ServiceM8 with QuickBooks Online click here.

For more information on QuickBooks Online click here.


ServiceM8 & MYOB Essentials

On May 26, 2014, in Addons, MYOB, by Support Team

ServiceM8 now fully integrates with MYOB Essentials making it our third major integration with MYOB alongside MYOB AccountRight V19 and MYOB AccountRight Live.



Security update

On April 10, 2014, in Uncategorized, by Support Team

Security is a top priority here at ServiceM8. The recently publicised SSL encryption vulnerability known as Heartbleed has impacted up to two thirds of the internet. It is not a matter we have taken lightly, and we’re writing to let you know that our team has completed our security audit.

First and foremost, we have no evidence that the Heartbleed vulnerability was used to obtain any ServiceM8 data or to access ServiceM8 services.

We have taken further steps to ensure your data is safe from Heartbleed:

  • We deployed the updated OpenSSL libraries.
  • We have renewed all of our SSL certificates.

What you can do

Even though your ServiceM8 account is not affected, it is good practice to regularly change your passwords that you use online, and to use a different password for each site. So if you haven’t changed your password in a while, now might be a good time. To protect you from other sites that you use being compromised, consider changing all your important passwords while it’s at the front of your mind.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our support team (



The hourly rate for most trade and service businesses is over $80. $80 per hour is $1.33 every minute. Every minute you spend printing, folding, writing out the address and then taking the mail to the post box, is a minute you could have spent billing out more work. If it takes you an average of 70 seconds per invoice, ServiceM8′s InstantPost will actually be cheaper!

For businesses with office staff, you might think that paying $25/hour makes it worth it. Well check this out: $25/hour is 0.41c per minute. So, if your office staff spend 2 minutes on a single invoice it then costs $0.82c + 60c postage = $1.42. Add the time required to drive to the post office, and it is highly likely it will average over $1.50 per invoice. You could argue that staff wages are a sunk cost and the extra 30 minutes they saved is unlikely to be used effectively, but it’s definitely worth looking at.

With InstantPost, you’ll not only spend less time invoicing and more time in the field, but you’ll get paid faster and will likely end up making more money than InstantPost costs you.

So stop putting off your invoicing and send them out via InstantPost now!



Small business app makes thunder from down under

On November 14, 2013, in Uncategorized, by Support Team

NEW YORK, USA, 13 NOVEMBER 2013 – a small business app developed in Australia’s Northern Territory has been judged one of the best ‘In Field Services’ mobile apps in the world at the Tabby Awards in New York, USA. The Tabby Awards /Business is the only worldwide competition for iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablet apps for business and productivity.

The app is ServiceM8: an iPhone and iPad app for small business which helps control work from first call through to invoicing, and a potential game-changer for how small businesses operate day-to-day. After being named a finalist last month, ServiceM8 came in as a runner-up to software giant Autodesk at the global awards ceremony, held in Manhattan as part of TabTimes’ Tablet Biz Conference & Expo.

“Just to be named a finalist is an achievement in itself. It’s taken a lot to get to this point, working with small businesses to keep improving” said Kim Ford, CEO of ServiceM8. “To be here in New York City, one of only two Australian app developers at the awards, is quite extraordinary and a great opportunity for us.”

“We believe every small business needs access to the same tools that large corporations do, at an affordable price” Mr Ford explained.  “Our vision is to empower small business, making them more productive, more professional and all round better businesses”. Mr Ford’s passion comes from a lifetime involvement in small business. “Only other small business owners get it – and by that I mean the highs and lows, the joy and sadness that can come with owning a small business”.

Mr Ford also thinks that Darwin is ready for programs and facilities which foster and encourage small businesses and innovators, such as shared offices where young entrepreneurs can ‘rent-a-desk’, using communal facilities and bouncing ideas off like-minded people while working to get their dream off the ground.

“Why can’t we do it?” Mr Ford asks. “We’re on Asia’s doorstep. There can be more to Darwin’s economy than oil and gas. Facilities like shared office spaces, perhaps run in partnership with the government or universities, would not only bring people in but give young Territorians a reason to stay, instead of heading for the bigger cities down south”.

ServiceM8’s achievement in New York follows a win last month at the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards.

Photo: Dusty DiMercurio from Autodesk, Darren and Ben from ServiceM8.

Photo: Dusty DiMercurio from Autodesk, Darren and Ben from ServiceM8.


ServiceM8 has been judged the best field service app in Australia by winning the ‘In Field Services’ category at the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards (the “Mobies”) last week. App developers, marketing gurus and IT wizards from all over Australia converged at the awards night in Sydney to celebrate creativity, courage and innovation in mobile platform projects.

ServiceM8 team members are now gearing up for a trip to New York City next month for the Tabby Awards – a worldwide competition for tablet applications, in which ServiceM8 has been announced a finalist in the ‘In-The-Field’ category.

We would like to thank our customers for their support and ideas that helped develop ServiceM8 into what it is today. We will continue to improve ServiceM8 to make running your business easier, and we think we’re just getting started.

ServiceM8 staff receiving the Australian mobile award for in field service.

ServiceM8 receiving the Australian mobile award for in field service.