How to make Bundles

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To save admin time, systemise your pricing, and make quotes & invoices easier for clients to understand, check out the Bundles Add-on

With Bundles, you can save several items of materials, services and labour together as a single, preset “bundle”. You can then search and add a Bundle in one hit, which includes all its underlying items, while rolling everything in that Bundle into a single description on your quotes and invoices. 

If needed you can add multiple bundles to a job, with each Bundle containing multiple items.

Once you add a Bundle to a job, just like regular items, you can:

  • Make one-off changes to suit the job
  • Add or delete items inside the Bundle
  • Modify item pricing/markup
  • Adjust item quantities 

…all without affecting the saved Bundle’s details or other jobs.

Why make Bundles?

With a range of prebuilt Bundles to choose from, you can:

  • Save time adding the same set of individual items to quotes & invoices, over and over
  • Ensure you’re accurately charging for all your specific input items, components and consumables 
  • Simplify how your services are presented to clients on quotes and invoices, giving them the right level of detail and guiding them to focus on the outcome they get, rather than your time and materials;
  • You can systemise your product & service pricing, making it possible for more of your staff to create quotes and invoices, so they’re sent to customers faster; and
  • Improve your profitability, by selling based on value, and dialing in the costs and efficiency of your bundles.

What does it cost?

If you’ve been with us a while and subscribed before the launch of Bundles with ServiceM8 11 in September 2022, the Bundles Add-on is included on all monthly plans! Just activate it in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons. 

For new subscribers after the launch of ServiceM8 11, the Bundles Add-on is available in the Growing plan and above. 

How do I set it up?

Watch the full video above or check out How to use the Bundles Add-on in the Help Centre.

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