Staying organised with Queues

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Queues are a core feature of ServiceM8 — they’re a place you can park jobs while they’re waiting for something, or need a common off-site task done, before they can be scheduled. 

They’re really handy for building workflows, staying organised, and keeping jobs moving forward to completion. 

This video takes a close look at how to use Queues, including the new assignable queue type “for jobs requiring action”. We cover:

  • What Queues are for
  • How to view jobs in a Queue
  • How to send jobs to a Queue
  • How & when jobs leave Queues
  • How to create a Queue, including the difference between Queues “for jobs on hold” and “for jobs requiring action”
  • How to see Queued jobs assigned to you
  • How to create Queue workflows for technicians to use when Checking Out, on site
  • How not to use Queues
  • How to keep it simple when creating your first Queues

The latest launch included several improvements to Queues. Even if you’ve been using this feature for years, there’s a good chance you’ll learn something new!

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