New: Two-Step Authentication security

ServiceM8’s new Two-Step Authentication security feature is an easy way to improve your business’s protection against cybercriminals and others seeking unauthorised access your ServiceM8 account.

Overview: Two-Step Authentication

Online criminals are constantly using phishing, malware and other scams in an attempt to obtain sensitive credentials such as usernames and passwords, which they then use to impersonate you and access your online services (such as ServiceM8).

Your ServiceM8 account contains your clients’ personal information, and sensitive business data (including your invoicing and payment details), making it a target for criminals.

Maintaining a strong, unique and secret password, as well as good online security practices, is an essential starting point. ServiceM8’s Two-step Authentication offers an additional layer of security.

How it works

With Two-Step Authentication, in addition to providing your username and password, you’re also sent an SMS (text) with a unique 6-digit code for you to enter, thereby adding a second ‘step’ to authenticating your ServiceM8 account access:

Example: Two-Step Authentication on app login
Example: Two-Step Authentication logging into the Online Dashboard

When Two-Step Authentication applies

Once activated, the 2SA process applies:

  • Every time you login to the ServiceM8 app; and
  • Every time you login to the Online Dashboard (via web browser);

A similar SMS authentication process will also apply to the following actions:

  • Every time when exporting sensitive account data, such as Client or Job exports, or Account Backups; and
  • Every time when performing significant account management tasks, such as changing staff or account owner details.
Example: Two-Step Authentication to edit Staff settings

How to enable Two-Step Authentication

Two-Step Authentication can be enabled for all staff in your ServiceM8 account, or only the Account Owner. It’s included in all ServiceM8 plans.

Check out following help articles for more details on how this security feature works, and steps to activate:

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  • James Feldman May 20, 2019, 6:20 pm Reply

    Any plans to use the more secure Google Authenticator system?

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