Boost cashflow with Mobile Payments

Cashflow is the lifeblood of every small business. Small business operators need to be paid as close to the completion of a job as possible.

Chasing unpaid invoices can end up costing more than a job is worth in labour. For many businesses, chasing payments is put off until cash is needed to pay bills or staff wages, as they are too snowed under with current work. Generally, the owner cries “How can we not have enough money? We’re so busy!”

ServiceM8 now supports CardDAV!

ServiceM8 is proud to announce support for CardDAV. CardDAV is a way of sharing your client contacts between devices, such as your iPhone with other systems, such as ServiceM8. We have made it simple to link your phone into ServiceM8 so that each Client, and Job you create in ServiceM8 is automatically added to your phone’s address book, meaning when your out on a job you always have your client contact details with you, and when your clients call you, you know who is calling – even their current job number. CardDav access to ServiceM8 is offered at no additional charge to your standard ServiceM8 fee’s.